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Galaxy M100

NGC 4321 (M100) is a faint spiral galaxy and is part of the Virgo Cluster  located in Coma Berenices. NGC 4321 is around magnitude 10 and distance from earth about 65 million light years.

The galaxy is a pure representation of what a spiral galaxy looks like. In the images attached, it shows many of the faint associated galaxy's associated with this object. The fainter object located in the image towards 2 o'clock is another distant spiral, and since in proximity to M100 has some effect on its behaviour.

The image  seen in this close up bring out the dark lanes and even some of the pinkish nebulostic clusters. I have spent many nights trying to squeeze detail out of this faint galactic object.

Imaging time for these photos was about 8 hours total taken by myself at the Nutwood Observatory last week.   Both images were guided and used an Apogee U16M liquid cooled CCD camera with a DK 300 MM Astrograph telescope. Acquisition was done remotely .Processing was done using Pixinsight, MaxIm DLPro and PS Cs5.


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