Astro Imaging & Dark Sky Preserve




Tour Details, Directions and "What's Up this Year 2016"

                             Observatory Now Closed to Public for the Season

Night Sky Tours usually last about "two" hours and consist usually of two parts. The first part is a laser light tour of the night sky for that evening. Various planets, stars and specific objects of interest are pointed out.

The second part is where all participants will go into the "automated roll-off-the-roof" observatory and will look at the night sky through two large telescopes (either a 10 inch SCT scope or a 20 inch Dobsonian).

After that if time permits and there is enough interest, we will go into the main control room and see where the computers control the observatories remotely. We will also take a look at how some of the "Deep Space Images" are acquired.

          General admission is $12.00 per person (PAYABLE AT BEGINNING OF TOUR). 

                                No children under 10 years old please!!

Year 2016 holds some great objects to look at. Early spring and into summer, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will be visible. Along with some great meteor showers, the year is shaping up to have  some great viewing.


1) Although there is emergency "Bathroom" facilities available here,  and in the interest of keeping lights off and not interrupting the tour,  please try to make sure you have used your home bathroom facilities before you come.

2) This is an "Observatory" and in order to see the skies all lights will be turned off after the tour starts. So if you have trouble seeing in the dark, please bring a flash light or advise us a head of time.

3) For people who have restrictions on walking or need help in observing, please contact me ahead of time so you can be accomodated with special services.

4) No food or drinks allowed in the observatory buildings during tour hours.

5) It is required that all visitors who are attending the tour pay the entrance fee at the start of the session. As

     some people have been leaving with out paying.

Email me from this site  and I will let you know the weather for the day you are coming and when "Dark Time" is.


 Nutwood Observatory is located in "Central Ontario Canada".   In the county of "County of Hastings" about 15 km south of the  small town of "Bancroft" which has been declared a    "DARK  SKY  PRESERVE"


      From Toronto, take Hwy 401 to Hwy 115 north. Go North on hwy 115

      to Hwy 7 then take Hwy 7 to Hwy 28. Take Hwy 28 North to Hwy 620.

      Go East on Hwy 620 to Hwy 62. Go North on Hwy 62, 12 km to Lower

      Turriff Rd. The observatory is off of Lower Turriff Rd at 114 Colbourne