Astro Imaging & Dark Sky Preserve

        Bring Your Own Telescope and Equipment

                             Observatory and Grounds Closed For The Season

There are alot of astronomers young and old who want to bring their own telescopes and equipment and take adavantage of the dark clear skies here at the property. This is always availble anytime of the week provided you give me a call and make a reservation letting me know when you want to come.

I will make arrangements to meet you at the main observatory and take you and your party over to the area where there  are support pads for your scope, a couple of picnic tables, a fire pit and some fire wood. Viewers there can partake in a 360 degree full sky with absolute darkness (21) in most cases. The clarity is unbelievable.

Cost per evening is $20.00 per person, or $30.00 per vehicle. You can stay as long as you want and image all night long.  You might even get to sit with the Eklk Herd as they sleep there.

So, let  me know by emailing me or calling me  at    (613 332 3885)